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lyndee0This viscous honey knows what bad boys need, crave, and long for secretly. You have been such a wicked man, with your inner fantasies. Your bottom needs spanked, wrists bound, balls tied, while I introduce you to the punishment phone sex fantasies you have been yearning for.

Erotic domination is sought after and received in my halls, by all men whom are brave enough to come to call, but what about the sissy fetish boys, needing set free, unleashed from society’s tight grasp.

Come closer little sissy, let me see the foundation of the sissy maid underneath. The endless fetish fulfillment you seek, is closer than a dial tone away. Revealing to you that inner girl. Your forced bi fantasies have had you running from pleasure, the pleasure I enjoy often playing illusionist with, and aiding in you to see.

Tying you up, getting you ready in heels, satin, and lace. Enjoying watching the neighbor break you in one stroke at a time. Maybe cuckold fantasy phone sex keeps your cock in suspension. That BBC Phone sex dream can cum true you know. Clean up duty is in your immediate future. Your salty sweet kisses will be so alluring when I look down and see your bright red lipstick smeared all over my tulips.. My lavender thong panties filled out by your tiny cock while your curtsy and beg for the honor again, and again.

Darling babes AB/DL Fetishism cravers, always in need of loving affection, no matter if its: bibs, blankets, diapers, pacifiers, or the overwhelming need to be laughed at when it comes to all. Babies need undivided attention, and a mommie to cater to their every need. No matter the challenge it entails or the largeness of the baby , if you dare be brave enough to slip me into momma mode you will never be disappointed or left to want.

This honey drenched tongue sticky as molasses with my story weaver mind can lure you into my phone sex bosom, painting you fairytales for your minds eye. Give me your topics at hand, your favorite taboos, and i shall create a living world wrapped solely around you. No fantasy out of reach, where limitations could never exist, imaginations run free, no skies to limit.

Phone Sex Food play, and feeding phone sex to encourage you to eat freely, to use that squash and make it into a pleasure instrument. The ice cubes melt you into the throughs of pleasure when used properly. Gravy will never be looked at the same again once you realize its wonderful lube properties.. Why are you still looking at your screen?

Come to me my loves, darling this Domina can pour on the honey while leaving you panting and dripping wet. No matter the role play, fetish, fantasy, or indulgence Thy Sin Be Done, cum and join the fun with Lady Lyndee 🙂

@}}~~~~ Lady Lyndee

My Favorite Role Plays:

Erotic Domination Phone Sex
Sissification Phone Sex
Cuckold Phone Sex
AB/DL Fetish
Dominatrix Phone Sex Fetish
Girl Friend Experience Phone Sex
Humiliation Phone Sex
Story Telling Phone Sex
Feedee Phone Sex

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